May 2015 Enterprise Tech Journal – 2015 Crypto Announcements

“With cryptography, you don’t want to ‘push the envelope.’ You want proven algorithms that provide the security and performance to protect your data. The z13 and its new crypto hardware and ICSF do just that!”

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To Passphrase or Not to Passphrase?

To passphrase or not to passphrase? That one’s easy … don’t passphrase! It’s a great way to get your master keys loaded and your cryptographic infrastructure operational, but it’s not such a secure way to run your business.

Typically, once your crypto environment is established and you’re running production work, you will change your master keys periodically, as specified in your local security policy. That process will be handled by a key management team or simply within the security group. The initial loading of the master keys might be handled by the systems programmers or the key management team.

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From the IBM TechDocs Website

A Synopsis of System z Crypto Hardware

z/OS:  ICSF Version and FMID Cross Reference

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